When an ACH transaction enters Galileo’s system, your options for processing the transaction depend on the direction of the transaction and movement of funds, as shown in these guides:

  • <a href="doc:ach-endpoints" target="_blank">ACH Endpoints</a> — An overview of Program API endpoints to manage ACH accounts and to create, view, and cancel ACH transactions.

  • <a href="doc:other-ach-controls" target="_blank">Other ACH Controls</a> — Events API webhooks, External Trans API, and CST controls for ACH.

  • <a href="doc:ach-tracing-and-troubleshooting" target="_blank">ACH Tracing and Troubleshooting</a> — Explanation of identifiers for tracing ACH transactions and information on troubleshooting outgoing ACH.

See also <a href="doc:galileo-ach-workflows" target="_blank">Galileo ACH workflows</a> for a general overview.