A cardholder with a U.S. account makes an international purchase for $23.50.

When simulating an international transaction, the simulator adds an international transaction fee to the authorization amount, if the ITC fee is configured. However, that fee is not included in the settlement by the simulator. Likewise, the simulator cannot settle for a different amount than the authorization, as is often the case with international transactions. For examples from <<glossary:Production>>, see <a href="page:scenario-13-international-authorization" target="_blank">Scenario 13: International Authorization</a> and <a href="page:scenario-14-international-reversal" target="_blank">Scenario 14: International Reversal</a>.

The simulator also cannot accept a value for `currencyCode` that is different from the currency of the account. For example, if the account is based in the United States, you can leave `currencyCode` blank, because it defaults to 840 (U.S. dollar). On the other hand, if you are simulating transactions for Mexican accounts, you must pass `currencyCode: 484` (Mexican peso). In all cases, if you specify a code that is different from the account's currency code, you will get an error.

If you populate `settleAmount`, `settleCurrencyCode`, `cardBillingAmt`, or `cardBillingCurrencyCode`, those values will be passed through in the authorization request but they do not affect the `amount` for authorizations or settlements. The simulator cannot convert amounts from one currency to another.

### Authorization

Call <a href="ref:post_createsimulatedcardauth" target="_blank">Create Simulated Card Authorization</a> with these parameters.

`accountNo`<<glossary:PRN>> or <<glossary:PAN>>
`merchantName``Mercado Las Americas`

Capture the `auth_id` for later use.

#### View the authorization

Call <a href="ref:post_getauthhistory" target="_blank">Get Authorization History</a> to see the authorization. The `amount` includes the international fee, whereas `local_amt` does not.

### Settlement

Call <a href="ref:post_createsimulatedcardsettle" target="_blank">Create Simulated Card Settlement</a> with these parameters:

`authId``auth_id` from the authorization response
`accountNo`PRN or PAN

### Transactions created

Call <a href="ref:post_getalltranshistory" target="_blank">Get All Transaction History</a> to see the ledger entries in reverse chronological order. The settlement does not include the international fee.