An ACH customer has set up an automatic payment of their bill with their utility company. The utility company will initiate an ACH request to pull in funds from the customer's account when the bill is due. The following request simulates a bill of $100 dollars, which is to be debited from their account on Galileo. The transaction is processed per <a href="doc:setup-for-incoming-ach-transaction-simulation" target="_blank">Setup for Incoming ACH Transaction Simulation</a>.

## Origination

Call <a href="page:create-simulated-ach-transaction" target="_blank">Create Simulated Incoming ACH Transaction</a> with these parameters:

`templateValues`"destinationRoutingNumber": "123456789" "originRoutingNumber": "987654321" "destinationBankName": "BoFA", "originBankName": "CHASE", "referenceCode": "22355678", "companyName": "Name on Account", "standardEntryClassCode": "PPD", "companyEntryDescription": "Pacific Gas", "destinationAccountNumber": "12345678", "amount": 100, "receiverName": "John Doe", "identificationNumber": "#789654", "transactionType": "debit", "accountType": "checking", "effectiveEntryDate" :"230530"

## Response

Capture the `transaction_id` for <a href="page:get-simulated-ach-transaction" target="_blank">Get Simulated Incoming ACH Transaction</a>.


Non-required `templateValues` are populated with a default value, which can be edited. The `effectEntryDate` should be greater than or equal to today’s date.

## View the transaction

The simulated incoming transaction will be processed periodically. If the payment is not processed yet, the pending transaction can be viewed via <a href="page:get-simulated-ach-transaction" target="_blank">Get Simulated Incoming ACH Transaction</a>:

### Response

If the payment has processed, call <a href="ref:post_getalltranshistory" target="_blank">Get All Transaction History</a>: