2023 Year in Review

As the end of the year approaches, we want to celebrate in the nerdiest way possible and take a look back at our API documentation progress in 2023. Click 2023 Year in Review to see the details.

To sum it up: this year, we've made more than 500 enhancements and fixes across our documentation, including adding 20+ new guides and documenting 15+ new API endpoints.

These updates span both new products and existing functionality, and are all in service of providing you and your team with the product knowledge and technical details you need to get the most out of Galileo's platform.

To learn more about these updates, read on!

New guides

  • About Fees — Explains how to assess fees using Galileo's logic, how to assess fees using the Assess Fee endpoint, how fees are depicted in reports
  • Offline PIN guide — Addresses how to set PINs in some non-U.S. jurisdictions.
  • PAN Logic — How PANs are constructed and allocated.
  • About Payment Risk Platform — Galileo’s multi-layered approach to fraud mitigation combines the power of people, technology, and data with direct access to trained fraud analysts to inform your fraud-mitigation strategies.
  • Payment Screening for Tax Refunds — How to approve and reject incoming tax refunds
  • Payment Posts & Returns CST guide — Provides information and instructions for Payment Screening for Tax Refunds.
  • Simulating ACH — How to simulate ACH transactions.
  • International — Consolidates information related to international (outside the U.S.) transactions, accounts, and programs.
  • Multicurrency BINs — Setting up BINs that use different settlement currencies from the billing currency.
  • MSI Installments — How to provide your cardholders with the option to pay off their purchases in multiple interest-free installments.
  • About SMB Lending — Explains Galileo’s loan product offerings for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).
  • Same Day ACH — About same-day ACH transactions.
  • ACH for Businesses — About ACH for business-to-business payments.
  • ACH Early Access — How to make funds available to spend on a customer's account before the settlement date.
  • Transaction IDs — Consolidates information about how Galileo assigns transaction identifiers.
  • Managing Disputes — How to manage disputes after they have passed through the entire intake flow.
  • About Cyberbank Konecta — Details Galileo’s AI-powered virtual personal banking assistants platform for banks and financial institutions.
  • Cyberbank Konecta User Manual — How to create and manage AI-powered virtual personal banking assistants.
  • Corporate Credit — About the Corporate Credit product and how to create CC accounts.
  • About Raw Data Files (RDFs) — A suite of text files that you receive from Galileo once per day that contain low-level extracts of the prior day’s activity from Galileo's databases.
  • About Bill Pay — Explains how your customers can send funds from their accounts directly to a U.S.-based individual or service provider.

New endpoints

New features

New card transaction scenarios

Other noteworthy enhancements

We've come a long way in 2023, but the work is never done – we look forward to bringing you even more (and even better) documentation in 2024! Check out our Changelog to stay informed on our documentation updates throughout the year.