November 2022

In November we fixed some response field definitions, changed the dispute verdicts, added a new card transaction simulation, moved the card transaction scenarios online, added a product parameter, corrected some guides and updated another, removed a product and added new and preliminary guides. Click November 2022 to see the details.

Get Balance response fields

Some of the fields for the Get Balance response had incorrect descriptions. These are the corrected definitions:

  • balance — For debit accounts, the available balance on the account, also known as the "open to buy." All pending transactions have been subtracted from the total posted transactions. For credit accounts it is the unpaid balance.
  • balance_without_pending — The total of all posted transactions with only pending authorizations subtracted out.
  • pending_adjustments — Total of all adjustments created by a batch process. This value will almost always be 0.
  • pending_purchase — Amounts from a deprecated feature. This value will always be 0.
  • balance_without_auths — The balance (open to buy) without subtracting authorization holds. This field is available only when the BWOOA parameter is set.

New dispute resolutions

Galileo has upgraded its disputes platform, and so the values that are returned for dispute_resolution in the DSPN: dispute_final_no_pc and DSFP: dispute_final_pc events has changed. You can find them under Events API webhooks in the Disputes at Galileo guide.

New simulation example

We have added the Incremental Authorization Simulation to the Simulations list. We have also reorganized the simulation instructions by putting each scenario on its own page.

Card Transaction Scenarios online

We have converted the Card Transaction Scenarios PDF into online pages that you can find at Card Transaction Scenarios. The scenarios have also been integrated throughout the rest of the documentation.

Parameter for Digital First mobile wallet cards

To both the Setup for Digital First and Setup for Mobile Wallets guides we added the requirement to set the CHITR product parameter for Digital First cards that will be provisioned to mobile wallets.


  • We corrected Closing accounts in the About Accounts guide. The guide had indicated that Modify Status type: 13 closed related savings accounts. It has been corrected to say that related savings accounts are not closed.
  • The URL for the PIN Retrieval Service was incorrect. It had contained the string gds-[clientname] but the correct string is asset-[clientname].

Updated guide

We reorganized the About Accounts guide to have a more logical flow and updated some of the details.

Updates to Galileo Secured Credit

We've removed the Galileo Secured Credit with Dynamic Funding offering. Please refer to the About Galileo Secured Credit product guide for the latest details on our product offering.

Preliminary guides

For a few upcoming products we have added reference material and guides. As of mid-November 2022 these products are still in a preliminary stage. If you are interested in trying either product, contact Galileo for more information:

New guide

We have added the <a href=”doc:galileo-analytics-report-index” target=”_blank">Galileo Analytics Report Index to provide an overview of all gAnalytics reports.