July 2022

In July 2022 we added more network examples, added a disputes guide, reorganized the cards docs, added information on Galileo Secured Credit with Dynamic Funding, removed a parameter, clarified some descriptions, added Event API fields, added ALC documentation, added Auth API information and removed a Create Location parameter. Click July 2022 to see the details.

Multi-network examples

On the Card Transaction Examples page we added Other network codes tables to show the transaction codes when the transactions happen on other networks.

New guide

We completed a new guide, About Disputes, which explains the dispute process in general and then describes how disputes work at Galileo. Both card and ACH transactions are covered.

Customer activation and engagement strategies

We've published a suite of new product documentation to help you take advantage of Galileo's capabilities to drive customer activation and engagement. We have also reorganized much of the card-related content to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, whether it be business cases or implementation instructions.

We've also reorganized our cards-related documentation into three new sections: Card Strategy, Card Management and Card Implementation.

Galileo Secured Credit: Dynamic Funding

We added information on the new Dynamic Funding product. We also renamed and moved the Galileo Secured Credit guide to the Credit section in the sidebar. Major additions for Dynamic Funding are:

Remove parameter from Add Card

From the Add Card endpoint we have removed the sharedBalance parameter.

Get Balance response field clarification

We've rewritten the descriptions for the Get Balance response fields to better explain exactly what each balance-related field means.

Edit to PINC description

We removed the phrase "This event is not sent when a PIN is set for the first time” from the description for the PINC: PIN_changed event.

New Event API fields

For these events you now have the option to receive the rrn (Reference Retrieval Number) and merchant_postal_code fields:

Feature Type clarification

We clarified that featureType: 21 of the Set Account Feature endpoint does not block card loads.

Renamed endpoint category

In the API Reference, we changed the Program API category "Prepaid" to "Instant Issue."

New guides

Galileo now offers account-level authorization controls (ALCs), which allow you to set velocity, MCC and merchant ID controls at the account level.

Advanced Auth API fields

We added information about advanced_auth_api_fields to the Authorization Controller API guide.

Parameters removed

We removed these parameters from the Create Location endpoint:

  • centralBillFlag
  • creditLimit
  • cycleType
  • cycleInvoice
  • cycleStart
  • locationAchAccountNo
  • locationAchRoutingNo