January 2022

In January 2022 we added a new status code, enhanced token authorization for Visa programs, updated the Creating a Provisioning Request guide, added a new product parameter, corrected the activate card procedure, clarified the ACH transaction statuses and balance events, added some new Recipes, updated the Creating an Overdraft Account guide, added optional event fields, deprecated some status codes, reorganized the ACH guides, clarified how the external transaction ID field is used, added URLs for clients who are on Galileo AWS instances and added some Colombia-specific card-transaction fields. Click January 2022 to see the details.

New status code

The Add ACH Account endpoint has a new status code: 423-04: Account already exists.

Additional factors for tokenization authorization requests

For Visa programs you can now include factors such as the device risk score and cardholder age when the network sends Galileo the tokenization authorization request (TAR).

Creating a Provisioning Request updates

We made some adjustments to the Creating a Provisioning Request guide:

  • Removed cert1 and cert2 as required fields for Samsung Pay requests
  • Clarified how the PPALE parameter works
  • Fixed the formatting on the example certificate
  • Remove erroneous data from the example activationData response field

Driving accounts negative

The default behavior of the Create Account Transfer endpoint is to reject any transaction that drives the sending account negative. You can now ask Galileo to set the ALWNB parameter to permit the account balance of the sending account to be driven negative by Create Account Transfer.

Activate card procedure

We fixed an error in the Activating a Card procedure that said that the card-activation process looks for cards in status: Y to activate. Instead, the process looks for emboss records in status: Y.

ACH transaction statuses

We clarified the definitions of the ACH transaction statuses.

Balance events

We clarified when the BBAL: bal and BNEG: neg_bal events are sent:

  • When BNEG is enabled, BBAL is sent for positive and zero balances, whereas BNEG is sent for negative balances.
  • When BNEG is not enabled, BBAL is sent for all balances: positive, negative, and zero.

New Recipes

We added two new recipes to show the responses to two endpoints when there is a secondary account involved as well as multiple card and emboss records.

  • Get Account Cards — Shows a primary and secondary account with two cards and multiple emboss records
  • Get Card — Shows multiple emboss records for one card

Creating an Overdraft Account update

We updated the Creating an Overdraft Account guide to remove part of Step 3. The step had contained instructions to set account feature 17 to P after adding the overdraft account. However, the system automatically sets account feature 17 to P when the overdraft account is added. You should remove the unnecessary step to avoid making excessive API calls.

Optional fields for Events API webhooks

In addition to the required (default) fields for the Events API webhooks, we now display the optional fields so that you can customize your event messages according to your use case and business needs. The required fields have an X in the center column and the optional fields do not.

Deprecated status codes

We deprecated status codes from these endpoints:

Reorganized ACH guides

We’ve moved the About ACH guide to a new section and reorganized the content into sections:

External transaction ID usage

In these guides we added a note to say that when you initiate a transaction with the Program API, the transactionId of the API request is copied to the external transaction ID field for all transactions created by the request:

AWS URLs added

To these guides we added URLs for those clients who are on a Galileo AWS instance:

Colombia-specific fields

The endpoints that retrieve card transactions now return these two fields that Colombian clients need for the Mastercard Interchange Intracountry Calculation Program:

  • iva_tax — Impuesto al valor agregado. Value-added tax.
  • iac_tax — Impuesto al consumo. Consumption tax.