November 2021

In November 2021 we deprecated an endpoint, clarified some events descriptions, added a new status code. added information about tracing ACH identifiers, added a new Overdraft Accounts guide, added new Recipes, clarified tokenization requests, corrected some account identifiers, added new endpoints, corrected the Secured Credit guide, explained Visa Money Transfer types, added incremental settlement fields to a webhook, clarified ACH events, and made a correction to partial authorization response code information. Click November 2021 to see the details.

New status code

To the Verify Instant Issue Card endpoint we added a new status code: 495-03 (Invalid product).

Endpoint description clarifications

Deprecated endpoint

The Set Overdraft Limit endpoint has been deprecated and removed from documentation. If you still need documentation for this endpoint, contact Galileo.

ACH identifiers

We added information on Using identifiers to trace ACH transactions for both incoming and outgoing ACH to the About ACH guide.

New About Overdraft Accounts guide

We added the About Overdraft Accounts guide, which describes how overdraft works, overdraft product configuration and account management, overdraft operational setup, and workflows. We also moved the existing Creating an Overdraft Account guide into this section.

New Recipes

We added two new recipes to show how two endpoint responses return transactions for a primary account that has a secondary account:

Tokenization request clarification

In the Tokenization requests section of the Authorization Controller API guide, we clarified that merchants also make tokenization requests when accepting a tokenized card as payment.

Account identifier corrections

We corrected the Account identifiers in the Galileo system table in the About Accounts guide. The Galileo account number identifiers for the Auth API and the Events API were incorrect.

New endpoint

We added a new endpoint, Recover Charged-Off Account, which you can use to change the status of a charged-off account and recover its balance.

New Recipe

We added a new Recipe for the Create Account response when passing cipStatus: 1 and receiving status code 407-13.

Correction to Secured Credit guide

We corrected the Secured credit account structure workflow to show that the Add Account endpoint is used when you create both the charge card account and the secured credit account.

New endpoint

We added the Get Related Accounts endpoint, which retrieves all accounts that are related to the specified account: primary and secondary accounts, sibling accounts, and accounts belonging to the same account holder.

Explanation of Visa Money Transfer types

At the foot of the Additional network transactions table of the Transaction Types enumeration, we added an explanation of the difference between the PMVA, PMVH, and PMVT codes.

Incremental settlement fields

To the SETL: setl event webhook description we have added three new fields that identify incremental settlements. For existing clients these fields must be enabled by request.

ACH event clarification

We edited the About ACH guide and the Events API webhook descriptions to include incoming ACH transactions as triggering BADJ: adj and BPMT: pmt events.

New Recipes

We added new Recipes for the Auth API v3, available on the Recipes page or at these links:

Correction to Partial authorizations

Under Partial authorizations in the About Card Transactions > Authorization guide, we updated the response code for partial approvals to the correct code, 10.