July 2023

In July 2023 we updated product-switching instructions, clarified internal transfer conditions, updated some status codes, added some event fields, fixed some trans codes, added information about SEC codes, added pagination to an endpoint, updated event field formats, introduced API-first transaction histories, added a new guide, released a new RDF, clarified a few parameter properties, clarified an endpoint description, updated a font list, updated status code descriptions and corrected some field names. Click July 2023 to see the details.

Product switching updates

We have updated the How to Switch Products section of Switching Products to indicate that the Switch Product endpoint supports only card products, and that non-card products should be switched with Set Account Feature. We've also published Switching Products with Set Account Feature as a special page, which replaces the PDF of the same name.

Internal transfer update

The documentation previously said that the Create Account Transfer endpoint verifies that the receiving account is in status N, L, or S. However, L and S are card-only statuses, not account statuses. We have removed references to L and S in that context.

Updated status codes

The status codes for three delete-ALC endpoints have been updated.

EndpointOld status codeNew status code
Delete Account-Level Auth Control622-01: No control found.622-16: Auth control not found.
Delete Account-Level MCC Control623-01: No control found.623-14: MCC not found.
Delete Account-Level Merchant Control624-01: No control found.624-15: Merchant not found.

New DDSE fields

There are two new fields in the DDSE: direct_deposit_switch_event message: company_payroll_provider_name and task.

STAR transaction code corrections

The transaction codes for STAR preauth and completion were incorrect in the Transaction Types enumeration. They have been corrected to STL and STC, respectively. We have also added SSL for multi-clearing transactions.

SEC codes for outgoing ACH

We added a new section to the ACH at Galileo guide: Nacha compliance for outgoing ACH, which provides details about updated SEC code support for ACH transactions initiated by businesses and consumers.

Pagination added

To the Get RTF Account Relationship endpoint we have added pagination to the input parameters and the response.

Updated date/time format

For the dispute-related events, we have updated the date/time format as follows:

FieldOld formatNew format
dispute_notice_dateYYYY-MM-DDYYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
dispute_pc_dateMM/DD/YYYYYYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
dispute_pc_reversal_dateMM/DD/YYYYYYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
dispute_rege_dateYYYY-MM-DDYYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss

New transaction history retrieval strategy

Galileo now recommends that its clients use an API-first strategy when presenting recent transaction histories to their customers. This method removes the need to maintain a parallel ledger, and is best used when Galileo is the system of record. The old method is now located at Building a Transaction Datastore, which replaces the Mapping Transactions Within Your System guide.

New guide

We have added the PAN Logic guide to explain how PANs are constructed and allocated.

New raw data file

If you are implementing Real-Time Funding or Corporate Credit, you can get the B2B Customer Master Supplemental RDF to show which funding accounts are associated with each spending account.

UPDATE: The instances of CDF in this entry were changed to RDF.

Clarification on Plaid token usage

We added a note to the processorToken description of the Add ACH Account and Add ACH Account Corporate endpoints to indicate that where there is no Plaid integration, the processorToken parameter should not be passed at all, not even with a null or empty value.

Clarification on timespans

To those endpoints that retrieve a list of transactions within a specified timespan, we've added a note to the endDate parameter to indicate that the maximum timespan is 1098 days (~3 years). Affected endpoints:

  • Get Account Overview
  • Get Authorization History
  • Get Transaction History
  • Get All Transaction History
  • Get Payment History
  • Get Fee History
  • Get ACH Transaction History
  • Get Deposit History
  • Get Bill Payment History

Create Account endpoint description

Removed explanation about how clients can disallow duplicate use of customer IDs on Create Account endpoint.

Updated digital-card fonts

We updated the list of fonts that Galileo supports for digital cards. It is now located on this page: Digital Card Fonts.

Updated status codes for Loan API endpoints

We updated the description of the follow status codes for these Loan API endpoints:

Corrected RDF field names

We corrected a few field names in the Secondary RDF Reference:

RDFOld nameCorrected name
Account CardDB_IDDB ID
Authorized TransactionsOTC_FLAGOTC FLAG
Authorized TransactionsSTIP ResponseSTIP RESPONSE
Authorized TransactionsSTIP StatusSTIP STATUS
Authorized TransactionsIVA_TAXIVA TAX
Posted TransactionsGROUP IDGROUP_ID
Posted TransactionsOTC_FlagOTC FLAG
Posted TransactionsLOAD_DTLOAD DT
Posted TransactionsIVA_TAXIVA TAX