April 2022

In April 2022 we corrected various fields, added an enumeration, added a new status code, optional event fields and a new account feature type, corrected enhanced data, added field lengths and types, pagination, an event, and a new Auth API object, updated the ACH docs, added a transaction otype, added a new featureType, expanded the Secured Credit guide and added new features. Click April 2022 to see the details.

Field for event

We corrected the BAUT: auth event webhook description to include fee_amount field in the final amount.

Set Roundup Accounts endpoint description clarification

We updated Set Roundup Accounts to clarify how roundups can support various other use cases.

Create ACH Transaction field correction

We corrected the type for ach_transaction_id on Create ACH Transaction to string.

Create Hold parameter description

We corrected the description of the holdType parameter of the Create Hold endpoint to indicate that it is 2 alphanumeric characters.

Network code enumeration

The network code in the fee_auth field of the BFEE: fee event message has its own enumeration on the Events Network Codes enumeration.

New Create Hold status code

If the hold amount requested in the Create Hold endpoint is greater than the account balance, and PRVNB is set, Galileo sends status: 539-08.

Optional fields for event messages

For many event messages we offer the following fields, which you can request to be added to your event webhooks:

  • avail_cash — For debit accounts, the open_to_buy including available overdraft.
  • avail_credit — For credit accounts, the available credit limit to spend.
  • credit_balance — For credit accounts, the total amount of unpaid purchases and advances.
  • od_f_open_to_buy — Available overdraft balance minus pending fees.

New account feature type

We added featureType: 26 to Set Account Feature. Use this to disable only selected dynamic fraud rules.

Enhanced data for business banking

Removed general information on level 2/3 and enhanced data from Business Banking Program Configuration. Level 2/3 and enhanced data is available for Mastercard Fleet cards.

ACH Same Day update

Updated ACH Same Day to say that ACH is available for ACH credit and debit, and that the per-transaction limit is $1,000,000.

Field lengths

We added field lengths and data types to the RDF Reference.

Pagination added

We added pagination parameters to the Get Billers endpoint.

Event added

We have added the ISFE: insufficient_funds_to_emboss event to the Account Events documentation.

New Auth API field

To the Auth API webhook (v2 and v3) we have added an optional object that is available by arrangement with Galileo:

  • advanced_auth_api_fields — Contains specially parsed subfields of data elements

ACH updates

We have made these updates to the ACH at Galileo guide:

Transaction otype 11

For Mastercard transactions we added the 11 otype to the Transaction Types enumeration, which indicates that a completion arrived at Galileo but the corresponding preauthorization had not been sent first.

New featureType

The Set Account Feature endpoint now has featureType: 29, which you can use by arrangement with Galileo to customize a message in the carrier for shipping physical cards.

Secured credit expanded

We expanded the Secured Credit guide: