Business Banking Program Configuration

This section describes considerations for configuring your business banking programs.

Level 2, level 3, and enhanced data

The settlement file record for a card purchase always includes level 1 data, which is provided by the merchant. In addition to level 1 data, Galileo supports level 2, level 3, and enhanced data for some business card products to help your customers monitor business expenses. This data is available for Mastercard products and is sent in the transaction settlement file. (For Visa products, you can work with Galileo to configure a solution using the Visa Enhanced Data API.) You can also work with Galileo to receive this data in RDFs.

  • Level 1 — Basic transaction information, such as the date, purchase amount, and merchant.
  • Level 2 — Includes level 1 data, as well as additional tax and merchant data.
  • Level 3 — Includes level 2 and 3 data, as well as itemized purchase data.
  • Enhanced travel data — Travel itinerary and flight data.
  • Enhanced fleet data — Gas purchase data, driver ID, and vehicle information.



The data that you receive depends on the product, the card network, and the type of data that the merchant provides. Many merchants do not send level 2 or level 3 data.

Know Your Business (KYB)

When enrolling a business customer, a bank must meet the requirements for Know Your Business (KYB), a process that verifies the identity of business customers. Most issuing banks provide a KYB solution or you can consult your Galileo representative for other third-party options.

Galileo setup

BTBPGProgramControls whether a program is a business-to-business program. When this parameter is set to Y, the program is a business-to-business program and ACH transactions that use the Create ACH Transaction endpoint are made via CCD.
CFFSIProductControls whether a product is a corporate finance fleet card product and specifies restrictions on card usage. This parameter is only valid when CFCRD is set. Values for this parameter are:
0 — Corporate finance fleet card with no usage restriction (Visa only).
1 — Corporate finance fleet card used for fuel and maintenance only.
2 — Corporate finance fleet card used for fuel only.
Other or not set — Product is not a corporate finance fleet card.

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