Business Banking Program Configuration

This section describes considerations for configuring your business banking programs.

Know Your Business (KYB)

When enrolling a business customer, a bank must meet the requirements for Know Your Business (KYB), a process that verifies the identity of business customers. Most issuing banks provide a KYB solution or you can consult your Galileo representative for other third-party options.

Galileo setup

BTBPGProgramControls whether a program is a business-to-business program. When this parameter is set to Y, the program is a business-to-business program and ACH transactions that use the Create ACH Transaction endpoint are made via CCD.
CFFSIProductControls whether a product is a corporate finance fleet card product and specifies restrictions on card usage. This parameter is only valid when CFCRD is set. Values for this parameter are:
0 — Corporate finance fleet card with no usage restriction (Visa only).
1 — Corporate finance fleet card used for fuel and maintenance only.
2 — Corporate finance fleet card used for fuel only.
Other or not set — Product is not a corporate finance fleet card.

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