July 2022

In July 2022 we added more network examples, added a disputes guide, reorganized the cards docs, added information on Galileo Secured Credit with Dynamic Funding, removed a parameter, clarified some descriptions, added Event API fields, added ALC documentation, added Auth API information and removed a Create Location parameter. Click July 2022 to see the details.

June 2022

In June 2022 we added an optional field to FREV, an instant-issue guide, changed overdraft behavior, added secured credit charge-off info, support for international addresses and phone numbers, introduced multiple card images for mobile wallets, updated the Networks guide, added parameters to Create Payment, and clarified how to switch products with Digital First products. Click June 2022 to see the details.

May 2022

In May 2022 we clarified card-related info, added a new response field, added TAR info to the Auth API, added guides on statements, added emboss UUID fields, corrected the cancel ACH endpoint, added missing characters to the businessName parameter, enhanced some event descriptions, clarified some descriptions, added account-closure reporting for secured credit, a new Auth API field and object, removed some non-AWS URLs, clarified digital image requirements, added a response code, added event message fields, added two events, added ACH account ID to two events and corrected some card-status descriptions. Click May 2022 to see the details.

April 2022

In April 2022 we corrected various fields, added an enumeration, added a new status code, optional event fields and a new account feature type, corrected enhanced data, added field lengths and types, pagination, an event, and a new Auth API object, updated the ACH docs, added a transaction otype, added a new featureType, expanded the Secured Credit guide and added new features. Click April 2022 to see the details.

March 2022

In March 2022 we corrected the ACH guide, added missing CIP status code, event webhooks and fields, corrected a code description, added a new endpoint response field, added an Auth API field, updated account and card status info, added a font, updated RDF information, updated the Mapping Transactions guide, removed a status code, clarified provisioning requests, added a parameter, clarified the authentication process, corrected network codes tables, added card-activation parameters, added three new guides, added transaction identifiers, clarified descriptions and usage for several endpoints and added the requirement for a Create Hold parameter. Click March 2022 for details.

February 2022

In February 2022 we corrected some parameters, added new events, updated endpoint parameter descriptions, clarified a status code, clarified the guide on secured credit, added new status codes, corrected information about secondary accounts, clarified disqualifying overdraft events, added information about driving accounts negative, added new STIP fields, clarified endpoint descriptions, clarified an event trigger, added our breaking-change policy, clarified the PIN-set events, updated how to use the id and id2 parameters and removed an erroneous statement about the Pulse network. Click February 2022 to see the details.

January 2022

In January 2022 we added a new status code, enhanced token authorization for Visa programs, updated the Creating a Provisioning Request guide, added a new product parameter, corrected the activate card procedure, clarified the ACH transaction statuses and balance events, added some new Recipes, updated the Creating an Overdraft Account guide, added optional event fields, deprecated some status codes, reorganized the ACH guides, clarified how the external transaction ID field is used, added URLs for clients who are on Galileo AWS instances and added some Colombia-specific card-transaction fields. Click January 2022 to see the details.

December 2021

In December 2021 we clarified information on secured credit, created a reconciliation guide, introduced expired authorization identifiers, added information about international transactions and added reissuing information to the Digital First Program guide. Click December 2021 to see the details.

November 2021

In November 2021 we deprecated an endpoint, clarified some events descriptions, added a new status code. added information about tracing ACH identifiers, added a new Overdraft Accounts guide, added new Recipes, clarified tokenization requests, corrected some account identifiers, added new endpoints, corrected the Secured Credit guide, explained Visa Money Transfer types, added incremental settlement fields to a webhook, clarified ACH events, and made a correction to partial authorization response code information. Click November 2021 to see the details.

October 2021

In October 2021 we updated the direct-render PIN-set procedure, clarified ACH hold days, added two new endpoints, updated STIP information, refreshed our docs site design, added another new guide, clarified endpoint response field data types, added information about virtual card expiry and CIP testing functionality, added new guides, revised and expanded About Card Transactions, and added 16 new Recipes. Click October 2021 to see the details.