June 2023

In June 2023 we corrected a field, added two new guides, an erroneous value, added a new input parameter, removed bad default values, updated an RDF reference, created an international guide, and updated select fields in the reports for installment loans. Click June 2023 to see the details.

Corrected DE048S75 formatting

The formatting for DE048 subelement 75 has been corrected.

New guide

We have published the Simulating ACH guide on this site to replace the PDF.

New guide

We have published the Multicurrency BINs guide on this site to replace the PDF.

Erroneous accountNo input

For some endpoints, the description of the accountNo input parameter indicated that CAD was accepted when in fact it is not. The documentation has been updated to reflect the existing endpoint code. Affected endpoints:

Force Pass CIP
Verify Instant-Issue Card
Get Savings Interest
Search Accounts
Get Account Cards
Get Customer Note History
Get Account Overview
Get All Transaction History
Get Authorization History
Get Payment History
Get Fee History
Get Fee Summary
Get Pending Fees
Reverse Account Transfer
Get Hold History
Create IVR Call
Get Promontory Bank List

New input parameter

For the Create Adjustment endpoint there is a new input parameter, includeRtfTransfer, which applies to adjustments made on RTF spending accounts. With includeRtfTransfer you specify whether the adjustment to the RTF spending account affects the associated RTF funding account.

Switch Product and Reissue Card defaults

The documentation had erroneously indicated default values for some of the input parameters for Switch Product and Reissue Card when in fact there is no default value:

  • newPan
  • emboss
  • newExpiryDate

Secondary RDF updates

The field names and date formatting for the Secondary RDF Reference have been updated to their final form.

International guide

We have created an International guide to consolidate information related to international (outside the U.S.) transactions, accounts, and programs.

Added support for delinquency date

We added the field delinquency_date to the Daily Transaction file so clients can see the date when the oldest unpaid installment became past due.

Removed transaction type from installment loan reports

We removed mention of 9004 (daily interest accrual) as a possible transaction in the transaction file for installment loans.