December 2023

In December 2023 we added information about Same Day fees, removed a deprecated status code, documented a new optional field, updated an example response, fixed a character limit, removed an erroneous character, and added more advanced Auth API fields. Click December 2023 to see the details.

Same Day ACH fees

We added instructions to the Same Day ACH guide on how to set up your program to charge cardholders a fee for Same Day transactions.

Removed status code

Removed the "100 Failed API login: missing transactionId" from Global Status Codes. A missing transaction ID now results in a 4: Failed API login.

New optional field

Added a new optional field overdraft_needed to the overdraft_authorization enumeration.

Updated example response

Added missing fields to the example response on the Get ACH Accounts reference guide.

Character limit corrected

The character limit for the address2 parameter erroneously said 30 chars. We corrected that number to 40. These are the affected endpoints:

  • Create Account
  • Create Virtual Card Account
  • Update Account
  • Start Enrollment
  • Update Enrollment

Character removed

The Address characters table erroneously showed a colon (:) as a supported character. The colon has now been removed.

New advanced Auth API fields

We can now parse these data elements from the ISO 8583 authorization request and include them in advanced_auth_api_fields in the Auth API.