September 2023

In September 2023 we added a new reference page, adjusted the card-load scenarios, corrected STAR dispute otypes and Expire Hold status codes, clarified Get Access Token, corrected parameter descriptions, clarified an RDF field and AAPM, added new auth event fields, changed a table header for events and added a new status code for the Reissue Card endpoint. Click September 2023 to see the details.

New reference page

We added Finding Transaction Data, a page that summarizes where to find a particular transaction type across Galileo's various data sources.

Corrected card-load sequence

In Scenario 17: Card Load and Scenario 20: Card Load Reversal, we corrected the sequence of events to show that Galileo sends AAPM: auth_payment when the load is approved, and then sends BPMT: pmt when the load is posted to the cardholder account.

Dispute otypes for STAR

The dispute-related otypes for STAR were incorrect in the Transaction Types enumeration. They have been corrected.

Expire Hold status code corrections

The description text for the Expire Hold status codes was incorrect. It has now been updated.

Get Access Token clarification

For the Get Access Token endpoint we clarified that when type: 0 (card token), the CAD should always be used instead of the PRN.

Advanced Auth API Fields correction

We corrected the descriptions for the ADVAF and AAFAL parameters, which control whether to receive advanced_auth_api_fields.

Clarification in Customer Master RDF

We clarified that the CURRENT BALANCE and AVAILABLE BALANCE fields in the Customer Master RDF will be blank if there was no transaction activity for the account during the previous day.

Update to AAPM event

We removed the phrase "Available balance has changed" from the AAPM: auth_payment description because the event is triggered when the card load is approved, not when it is posted. The BPMT: pmt event is triggered when the card load is posted.

New fields for auth events

To the BAUT, AAAU, and DAUT events (auth and denied_auth), we added these new optional fields:

  • auth_id_response — DE038
  • financial_network_code — DE63SE1
  • stan — DE011, system trace audit number

Change to event fields tables

We made a minor change to the Fields tables on each event page: The center column now says Default instead of Required. We've added a note at the top of each table that links to this section, which explains what "Default" means as well as how Galileo handles empty fields.

New status code for Card Reissue Endpoint

The Reissue Card endpoint has a new error code: “Lost/Stolen Reissue Error”: 589-12.