August 2023

In August 2023 we added a feature type to ACFC, added new billpay response fields, corrected some RDF fields, added a new guide for the Card Info section of the CST, added an AVS codes page, added support for a new use case for Galileo Buy Now, Pay Later, added a new report for installment loans, added two new status codes to Create ACH Transaction, added new fields to the Get Auth Control response, enabled Visa advanced fields, added a new endpoint, added pagination, and clarified the description of an account feature type. Click August 2023 to see the details.

New feature type for ACFC event

The ACFC: account_feature_change event is now triggered by changes to featureType 11 (roundup).

New billpay response fields

For two billpay-related endpoints, we added these response fields:

  • Get Billers
    • frequency_type
    • next_date
    • end_date
    • amount
  • Modify Paper Biller
    • biller_id
    • frequency_type
    • next_date
    • end_date
    • amount
    • address_1
    • address_2
    • city
    • state_province
    • postal_code
    • phone

Field name corrections

We corrected two field names in the Secondary RDF Reference:


New guide

Clients that use the CST can now ask their Galileo representative for the Card Info CST guide, which provides information about a cardholder’s card, handle card management tasks (such as activating or freezing a card, or setting a PIN), change a card’s status, reissue a card, and find a load location.

AVS codes page

We created a new enumeration, AVS Codes, which breaks out AVS codes per network. Other references to AVS codes in the documentation now point to this page.

Galileo Buy Now, Pay Later for B2Bs

Galileo Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution, powered by Mastercard, is now available for small and midsize business customers. Similar to the consumer product, BNPL provides customizable payment offers through single-use virtual card and a loan management system designed to enable more purchase options.

Check out About Galileo Buy, Now Pay Later to learn more about this product offering for SMBs.

New report for installment loan products

The new Daily Loan Installments Status file provides clients with details on the status of the installments, including the loan ID, the installment number of the loan, the next due date, and the remaining balance on a loan.

New status codes for Create ACH Transaction

The Create ACH Transaction endpoint has a new error code for “Invalid ACH Account”: 429-11 and “Previous attempt found in progress. Did not process current request”: 429-09.

Available balance for Get Auth Control response

To the Get Auth Control response, five new fields were added to provide clients insight about how much the limited amount or transaction count has been used and how much is available to use. The new fields are:

  • amount_used
  • amount_available
  • transaction_count_used
  • transaction_count_available
  • control_desc

We also added a new status code, 600-03, to support clients with troubleshooting errors related to this available balance. The response examples were updated, as well.

Advanced Auth API fields for Visa

Formerly limited to Mastercard, you can now request that Galileo parse field elements from Visa authorization requests and pass them in advanced_auth_api_fields of the Auth API webhook. Currently selected elements from Field 62 are available.

New endpoint

We've added a new endpoint, Get Interest, to retrieve accrual interest, interest year-to-date, and annual percentage yield for any type of interest-bearing account (savings or non-savings).

Pagination for billpay endpoints

To the responses for Get Billers and Get Scheduled Bill Payments endpoints we have added pagination. For Get Scheduled Bill Payments, there is separate pagination for scheduled_payments and future_payments.

Account feature type 30

We updated the description of account feature type 30 to clarify that the emboss process is paused, not canceled, as it previously stated.