September 2021

In September 2021 we updated guidance on reversing payments and adjustments, added a new Secured Credit guide, fixed a procedure, updated the description for the businessName parameter, added new transaction types to the enumeration, corrected the damaged-card process and updated KYC/CIP requirements for the Digital First program. Click September 2021 to see the details.

Reversing payments and adjustments

We updated Reversing payments and adjustments in the About Adjustments guide to indicate that the Create Adjustment endpoint is the preferred method for payment and adjustment reversals. We also updated Reverse adjustment endpoint in the About Adjustments guide and Result of calling Reverse Payment in the Creating a Payment guide to reflect this.

New Secured Credit guide

We added the Secured Credit guide in the Use Cases section. The Secured Credit guide provides an overview of secured credit, describes considerations for setting up secured credit products, and includes operational workflows for creating and managing secured credit accounts.

Procedure fix

We reversed the two steps for the Reversing an account creation procedure in the About Accounts guide, because once an account has been canceled you cannot update it.

Using special characters in business names

For the businessName parameter in the Create Account, Update Account and Start Enrollment endpoints, you can add an ampersand or other special character as long as it's URL encoded. For an ampersand (&) use %26.

New transaction types data

To the Transaction Types enumeration we added columns to the first table for Discover, Pulse, and Presto, plus added a new table that shows the card transactions that Galileo classifies as payments and adjustments.

Corrected damaged-card process

The Damaged cards section of the Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Cards guide erroneously stated that the card-reissue operation set the card to status: X. That sentence has been removed.

Updated KYC/CIP requirements for the Digital First program

When you create new accounts for a Digital First program, you use your own CIP process instead of Galileo's integrated KYC/CIP. We added this information under Creating the card account in the Digital First guide, and we removed the multi-step onboarding process that was specific to Galileo's integrated CIP. In the Customer ID Verification (KYC/CIP) guide, we added a note stating that the Digital First program requires your own CIP process, and we removed information about using Galileo's integrated KYC/CIP for Digital First.

UPDATE Nov 2021: It is now possible to use Galileo's integrated KYC/CIP for Digital First.