June 2022

In June 2022 we added an optional field to FREV, an instant-issue guide, changed overdraft behavior, added secured credit charge-off info, support for international addresses and phone numbers, introduced multiple card images for mobile wallets, updated the Networks guide, added parameters to Create Payment, and clarified how to switch products with Digital First products. Click June 2022 to see the details.

New FREV field

You now have the option of adding the orig_fee_event_id field to your FREV: fee_reversal event webhook. The field contains the fee_id of the fee that was reversed.

New Instant-Issue Cards guide

We created a new guide, Instant-Issue Cards, which explains how to use instant-issue cards as part of a customer-onboarding strategy and explains how to set them up.

Changed overdraft behavior

A recent upgrade to the overdraft system has changed the behavior when adding an overdraft account to a primary account. Formerly, when using Add Account to create an overdraft account, account feature 17 would automatically change to P, which activated the overdraft account. Now, you must manually change account feature 17 to P. We added the instructions in Activate the overdraft account in the Creating an Overdraft Account guide.

Charging off secured credit accounts

Added Charge Off Account to Endpoints for Secured Credit

International addresses and phone numbers.

We have updated our endpoints to support these international conventions:

Multiple card images for mobile wallets

Galileo now supports creating multiple digital card images per product for mobile-wallet provisioning.

Summary of network differences

To the Networks guide we added a summary of network differences.

New parameters for Create Payment

These new parameters have been added to the Create Payment endpoint:

  • holdAmount — Amount of the payment to hold
  • holdExpirationDateTime — When to expire the hold
  • holdDescription — Description for the hold
  • holdExternalId — An alternative ID for the hold

If you have populated these fields, the hold_id in the response contains an identifier for the hold that you can retrieve with the Get Hold History endpoint and expire them with Expire Hold.

Switching Digital First products

In the Switching Products guide, we clarified that <<glossary;Digital First>> products cannot be switched using the Set Account Feature endpoint; instead, use the Switch Product endpoint.