January 2023

In January we updated mobile wallet info, added an event message, updated overdraft event descriptions, removed endpoint parameters and an account status, fixed some parameter descriptions, clarified an Auth API field, changed some Visa response codes, added a guide, updated a card transaction scenario and added a new one. Click January 2023 to see the details.

Updating mobile wallet cards and images

For cards provisioned to mobile wallets, we've clarified that when a card is reissued or replaced, the card in the mobile wallet is not automatically updated (it must be reprovisioned), and also that when you update a mobile-wallet image, the image takes about 10 days to propagate to individual mobile wallets.

New Authorization Event message

We added the STPA: auth_stip_advice message to notify when a Mastercard STIP transaction has been approved.

Overdraft events updated

We updated the descriptions for the overdraft-related Events API messages to improve their clarity and precision.

Removed parameters

From the Create Virtual Card Account endpoint we removed the location and locationType parameters because they are not valid for virtual cards.

Removed account status

From the Account Statuses enumeration we removed c (Canceled, awaiting repayment) because it is no longer supported.

Parameter description corrections

In the Galileo setup section of the ACH at Galileo guide, the descriptions for BTBEI and BTBPI were reversed. They are now corrected.

Leading zero for MCC

In the Auth API webhook we have clarified that the mcc field does not include the leading zero; for example, MCC 0780 is transmitted as mcc: 780.

New Visa response codes

Visa has requested that its issuers switch to these response codes for certain card statuses and conditions.

DescriptionNew response code
  • R — Charged off
  • Z — Canceled; no refund
  • C — Canceled
  • L — Lost
  • S — Stolen
  • 46 — Closed account
    Frozen card78 — Frozen card
    Transaction from blocked countries including OFAC countries62 — Restricted card
    PIN incorrect or missing55 — PIN incorrect/missing
    Pick up card (no fraud)46 — Closed account
    Pick up card, special condition (fraud)46 — Closed account
    Failure due to check-card status during tokenization and AVS46 — Closed account
    Invalid account number (no such number)46 — Closed account

    This change will not affect all Visa clients at once—Galileo will be rolling out this change in phases. Check with your Galileo representative for information on when your core will be cut over. The RESPC parameter must be set to receive these new codes.

    Payment Risk Platform (PRP)

    Galileo’s multi-layered approach to fraud mitigation combines the power of people, technology, and data with direct access to trained fraud analysts to inform your fraud-mitigation strategies.

    Check out the About Payment Risk Platform guide to learn more about this product offering.

    Updated card transaction scenario

    We updated Scenario 9: Merchant Credit (Mastercard Banknet). The previous version did not show the merchant credit arriving at Galileo through the authorization stream (and therefore the Auth API).

    New card transaction scenario

    We added Scenario 19: Force Post, which shows a force-posted transaction without a corresponding authorization.