February 2024

In February 2024, we added auto-reissue details, updated supported fonts, clarified override settings, added savings account statements, updated overdraft fee info, added card-name algorithms, added card-issue info to spending cards, updated rate-limits info, added PIN-fail count info, added support for post-purchase Buy Now, Pay Later, added the Round Up guide, and clarified card expiry. Click February 2024 to see the details.

Card reissue for expiry

The Reissuing Cards guide has been updated with a Reissue for card expiry section, which includes details about the automated reissue process.

DIrect render fonts

We have updated the list of supported fonts for direct-render PIN-set forms.

Auth API overrides

In the Authorization Controller API guide, we clarified that you can perform only the overrides that have been specified in your program settings. If you try an unauthorized override, Galileo responds according to your fallback setting.

Savings account statement

We've updated the Statements guide to include a sample savings account JSON. The additional savings-account fields are included in the JSON fields table.

Correction to overdraft workflow

The flowchart showing overdraft fee assessment has been corrected to show that applicable fees are assessed at the time that overdraft is used, and that if the cardholder pays the overdraft balance before the grace period expires, the fee is reversed.

Name presentation on cards

We added information about how Galileo determines how to present a first name, middle name, and last name when the full name is longer than the allowed number of characters. We also included an optional method for Latin American names.

Card fees for RTF and Corporate Credit accounts

We updated the Creating Real-Time Funding Accounts and Creating Corporate Credit Accounts guides to include instructions for assessing card fees on zero-balance spending accounts.

Rate limit update

We have updated the Rate Limits page to clarify that although Galileo does not impose a limit on the rate of endpoint requests, too many requests during a given period can overwhelm the system and cause it to fail. Furthermore, payload limits vary per endpoint, and excess payloads can also cause system failures. You should therefore contact Galileo to calculate safe limits for your program.

PIN-fail count information

We updated the PIN-Set Procedures guide to include information about ways to reset the PIN-fail count.

Galileo Buy Now, Pay Later: Post-Purchase

Galileo’s Buy Now, Pay Later: Post-Purchase offering enables your customers to turn eligible settled transactions on credit and debit cards into an installment plan or loan.

Check out the About Buy, Now Pay Later: Post-Purchase guide to learn more about this product offering.

New guide

We've added the Round Up guide, which shows you how to use card transactions to accumulate funds in a separate account from the card account.

Expiry clarification

We expanded the Card expires section of Setting Up a Card Program to better detail when cards expire.