October 2022

In October we added a new response code, added a couple of new guides and corrected a Recipe. Click October 2022 to see the details.

New response code

The Get Card PIN-Change Key endpoint has a new response code: 536-01 — Possible failure due to previous attempt. Two processes attempted to save the same record to the database at the same time.

New guide

We have added the Partners, Programs and Products guide to explain how "the 3 Ps" are organized in the Galileo system.

Additional card simulations

To the Simulating Card Transactions guide we have added two new examples:

Simulating Card Transactions guide

To accompany the new parameters added to the Create Simulated Card Authorization endpoint, we created the Simulating Card Transactions guide to explain how to use some of the new features. This guide has only a handful of examples now: we will keep adding more examples as we are able.

Corrected Recipe

The Get Authorization History response recipe has been corrected. The previous version showed the output for an authorization from Get All Transaction History.