May 2024

In May 2024 we changed links to the Galileo Pro Postman collection, clarified PCI-sensitive data and payment description override, corrected phone validation, added two card-related fields, clarified payment updates and primary accounts, added support for Mastercard’s merchant advice codes, clarified URI format and dispute IDs, added ICC data fields, moved some endpoints to a new location and added information about user-defined account fields. Click May 2024 to see the details.

New link for Postman collection

We changed the location of the Galileo Pro collection on Postman and updated the links on the Postman Setup page.

PCI-sensitive data

We updated the PCI-Sensitive Data page to be more explicit about which sensitive data items are available from which resource.

Description-override for Create Payment

For the Create Payment endpoint we clarified that the description value will be overridden when the type is a custom-configured otype.

Phone parameter validations

We corrected the phone parameter validation information in Update Account to reflect the actual validation.

New card-related fields

To the Get Card and the Get Account Cards responses, we have added two fields: card_format (physical or virtual) and card_type (credit or debit).

Primary account clarification

We added information for the Customer Master RDF to explain how primary accounts are determined for the purposes of that RDF.

Payment update clarification

We updated our documentation around the Update Payment endpoint to clarify that you cannot use this endpoint to change transactions that were created with Create ACH Transaction.

Merchant advice codes

We added support for Mastercard’s merchant advice codes (MAC) 03, 40, and 41 to help reduce the number of declined recurring transactions for you or your issuer. Contact Galileo if you are interested in receiving MAC decisioning and overrides via the Auth API.

URI format

We have added an alert to the Authentication reference page to emphasize the standard URI format for endpoint calls.

New ICC data fields

There are new ICC data fields available for advanced_auth_api_fields in the Auth API:

  • DE048 SE33 — PAN Mapping File Information
  • Tag 9F10 — Issuer Application Data (IAD)
  • Tag 9F34 — Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) results

Dispute tracking

We added a Tracking disputes section to Disputes at Galileo to show how to correlate the identifiers in the dispute-related event messages with the RDFs.

Transaction Simulation endpoint relocation

We moved incoming ACH and card transaction simulation endpoints to a new location in the Reference section.

User-defined account field details

To the About Accounts guide we added the User-defined account fields section to explain how to use these fields to append custom information to your accounts.