Scenario 5: Reversal on Preauthorization Before Clearing (Visa)

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A debit cardholder attempts to pump some gas. The pump gets a pre-authorization for $50 but a few seconds later reverses out the transaction because of a technical problem. The following are true:

  • The initial available balance is $1000.
  • The merchant validates the debit card with a PIN.
  • The network is Visa Interlink.
  • Transactions for this merchant type and amount are configured to expire after seven days.

Sequence of events

Events in the same step have the same timestamp.

  1. Visa sends an authorization request for –50.00.
  2. Galileo approves the request and places a 50.00 hold on the account. The available balance is now 950.00. Galileo sends the BAUT: auth webhook.
  3. Visa sends a reversal for 50.00.
  4. Galileo reverses out the 50.00 hold. The available balance is now 1000.00. Galileo sends an AAAU: auth webhook.
  5. After seven days, the authorization and its reversal expire. Galileo sends the BEXP: auth_exp and BEXR: auth_exp_reversal webhooks.


These tables show how the transactions are represented by various Galileo systems. For an explanation of the trans_code field, see Classifying transactions in the About Transactions guide.

Auth API


Authorization/Settlement Events webhooks

BAUTauth50116609502021-04-14 10:41:31 MST
AAAUauth509933116610002021-04-14 10:44:58 MST
BEXRauth_exp_reversal50993311669502021-04-22 06:01:12 MST
BEXPauth_exp501166010002021-04-22 06:01:12 MST

Authorized Transactions RDF

50.00-1166502021-04-14 10:41:31
50.00+9933511662021-04-14 10:44:58

Posted Transactions RDF

The transaction does not appear in this RDF.

Get Authorization History response

This endpoint returns only transactions that have not settled or expired. These transactions are also returned by Get Account Overview. In this table both the authorization and reversal are shown; however, in Production you would get only the most recent transaction.

-5011660A0000000050002021-04-14 10:41:31
5099331166R0000000050002021-04-14 10:44:58

Get Transaction History response

The transactions are not returned by this endpoint.

Get All Transaction History response

This endpoint returns the same transactions as the All Transactions screen of the CST.

-5022330VIA1166950N2021-04-14 10:41:312021-04-14 10:41:31
509902233VIR99331000N2021-04-14 10:44:582021-04-14 10:44:58
-50NoneNoneVXR1166950NoneNone2021-04-22 06:01:12
50NoneNoneVXA99331000NoneNone2021-04-22 06:01:12