June 2024

In June 2024 we added support for multiple balance inquiry types, added the tlid event field, introduced the Risk API, added support for self-service PRP, added a new event, added the ANI results field, clarified the pin parameter, added a param to root groups, updated the Postman collection and added fields to an event. Click June 2024 to see the details.

Multiple-account ATM balance inquiry

Galileo can now return balances for multiple account types in response to balance inquiries from ATMs. A cardholder who has a savings account or a credit account or both can request the balances at an ATM. If you are using the Auth API, you can return those balances to Galileo to forward to the ATM.

TLID field in events

We added the optional tlid (transaction link identifier) field to Authorization Events. This field contains DE105SF1 for Mastercard only.

New Risk API

The Risk API extends the capabilities of the Payment Risk Platform to any financial technology companies and banks that do not use Galileo as their card transaction processor to monitor suspicious card transaction behavior (debit, credit, BNPL, prepaid, etc.). Check the API Reference to learn more about the Risk API.

Self-service Payment Risk Platform

With self-service, you can manage your fraud policy in the Payment Risk Platform. Check out the updated About Payment Risk Platform guide to learn more about this option.

New event message

Our clients in Mexico now have the option to request the PCIS: pin_changed_by_issuer_script event message, which notifies whether the offline PIN-change script was successful.

ANI results in events

You can get the results for Account Name Inquiries (ANIs) in the AAAU: auth event in the match_results field.

Clarification on simulated PINs

We clarified the function of the pin parameter of the Create Simulated Card Authorization endpoint. Passing a value for pin changes the card's PIN.

EIN for Corporate Hierarchies

To your root groups you can add the employerId value, which corresponds with the EIN (employer identification number) from the IRS.

Updated Postman setup

We updated the Postman Setup guide to reference the new, cloud location of our Galileo Pro API Docs endpoint collection. Clicking the Run in Postman button opens the updated collection.

New event fields

To the EXHD: expire_hold event message we have added two optional fields to indicate how the hold was expired:

  • expiring_hold_system
  • expiring_hold_user