August 2022

In August 2022 we added Allpoint cash loads, added a suggestion, added a new endpoint, added IIAS fields, fixed a SETL field, clarified ACH identifiers, added a new event, added recovery info and announced a new status-code format. Click August 2022 to see the details.

Allpoint ATM loads

We added support for directly loading cash onto cards at Allpoint ATMs.

Converting JSON to PDF

In the Statements guide we added a suggestion on how to convert the statement JSON to PDF.

New ACH endpoint and name fields

We have added the Add ACH Account Corporate endpoint, for adding ACH accounts that belong to a corporate entity. For ACH accounts that belong to individuals, continue using Add ACH Account.

The ACH account–related endpoints have some new fields so that you can specify the account holder name in the outgoing Nacha files.

  • firstName — First name of account holder
  • lastName — Last name of account holder
  • fileFirstName — First name to include in the Nacha file, instead of firstName
  • fileLastName — Last name to include in the Nacha file, instead of lastName
  • companyName — Name of corporate account holder
  • fileCompanyName — Corporate name to include in the Nacha file, instead of companyName

For Modify ACH Account, specify the entityType to modify: I for individual or C for company.

IIAS fields

Both versions of the Auth API now have IIAS (inventory information approval system) information for FSA/HSA/HRA cards. See IIAS fields in the Authorization Controller API guide for more information.

Signed amount field change

In the SETL: setl event message, the sign_amount field has been changed to signed_amount, which contains the amount plus a negative sign for debits or no sign for credits. Example -234.44

ACH identifier clarification

We changed the ACH Tracking and Troubleshooting page to better explain which identifiers can be used to track ACH transactions.

New event

We added the AUMD: auth_metadata event, which provides request/response times for the Auth API.

Switch Product recovery

In the Switching Products guide we added recovery information: if the product switch is successful but the reissue is not, you can often call Reissue Card with the correct parameters to successfully reissue the card.

Status-code format change

Up until now, status codes for the Program API have had the format xxx-xx, where the first three digits are the 3-digit endpoint ID. As we continue to add new endpoints, some of the newer ones will have 4-digit endpoint IDs, so the status code will have the format xxxx-xx. All of the status codes that currently use a 3-digit endpoint ID will continue to use the 3-digit format.