April 2024

In April 2024, we clarified settled reversals, explained reversals and limits, updated a guide, updated our credit reporting guide, added material to another guide and moved some endpoints to a new location. Click April 2024 to see the details.

Transaction code clarification

In the Transaction Types enumeration, the Settlement file table had a column titled "Settle reversal," which implied that a settlement was being reversed. (Settlements are not reversed — instead, merchant credits are awarded.) The column is now called "Settle of reversal," because the codes represent reversals in the auth stream that are included in the settlement batch file.

Auth reversals and velocity limits

We added a section to Crediting Cardholder Accounts to explain how some kinds of reversals affect velocity limits.

Credit reporting updates

We updated our guide on credit reporting to add more information about the relationship between you and Galileo.

Account holder refund updates

We have updated the Account Holder Refunds guide to add more details and to clarify some aspects of the process.

About Wires additions

We added more information to the About Wires guide.

Corporate Credit endpoint relocation

We moved Corporate Credit and RTF endpoints to a new location in the Reference section.