December 2021

In December 2021 we clarified information on secured credit, created a reconciliation guide, introduced expired authorization identifiers, added information about international transactions and added reissuing information to the Digital First Program guide. Click December 2021 to see the details.

Secured Credit guide updates

We clarified the Secured Credit guide to indicate that an existing debit card linked to the DDA can be maintained after a secured credit account is set up and a charge card is activated. We also updated Secured credit authorization and settlement to say that authorization is based on the account holder’s secured account balance.

New guide

We have created a new client-only PDF, Reconciliation, that you can request from Galileo. It explains how to use gAnalytics and the RDFs to reconcile the network's draw-down amount with Galileo's records.

Expired authorization identifiers

We updated two documents to show the new optional expired_auth_id field (SETL event) and EXPIRED AUTH CODE field (Posted Transactions RDF) that link expired authorizations to their force-posted settlements. You must request that these fields be enabled for your program.

  • Settlement of an expired authorization in Card Transaction Examples
  • "Scenario 16: Settlement Without Authorization" in the Card Transaction Scenarios PDF. Ask your Galileo representative for the updated Card Transaction Scenarios PDF version 1.1.

International transaction information

We added information to the International merchants section of the About Card Transactions guide to explain how international transactions are determined.

Reissuing Digital First cards

We explained the process for reissuing and expiring cards in the Digital First Program guide.