February 2023

In February 2023 we began to offer a secondary RDF suite, created a new guide to help you get started with fraud rules in PRP, and made some updates to content about the Sandbox experience. Click February 2023 to see the details.

Sandbox updates

We have updated our Environments, Quickstart, and Postman Setup guides to reflect some changes to our Sandbox environment, including:

  • The Sandbox API URL has changed to: https://api-sandbox.cv.gpsrv.com/intserv/4.0
  • API credentials expire every 30 days
  • Client certificates are no longer required for authentication
  • IP addresses outside of the US are now supported

New guide

Clients that use the Payment Risk Platform can now ask their Galileo representative for the PRP – Standard Fraud Rule Set PDF, which provides a list of standard rules to get you started.

Secondary RDF suite

Galileo now offers the secondary RDF suite, which is similar to the standard RDF suite except that it contains all possible fields for each RDF, and the fields are comma-separated instead of being fixed-width.