Version 1: Daily Loan Status file for Installment Loans

Galileo currently offers two versions of the Daily Loan Status file for installment loans. This file covers details such as current loans, subproducts, statuses, and installment due dates.

The following documents the list of fields included in version 1.0. For version 2.0, see Reports of Installment Loans.

Daily Loan Status file (v1.0)

This table contains details about the fields included in the Daily Loan Status file. The reports are loan ID specific, meaning there could be multiple active loan_IDs associated with the same Customer_Prn in a daily report.

The fields in the daily file are presented in this order.

Field NameTypeLengthDescription
Loan_Idstring30Galileo-generated identifier for the loan.
Customer_Prnstring12The PRN for the customer’s primary account.
Subproduct_Codestring15Galileo-generated identifier for the loan subproduct assigned to the simulation or loan, as configured for the program. For programs with multiple subproducts, the choice would be determined by underwriting.
Loan_Status_Descriptionstring13Current status of the loan. See the Loan Payment Status and Loan Status Table for detailed descriptions of each status.
Loan_Payment_Statusstring4Current loan payment status code. See the Loan Payment Status and Loan Status Table for detailed descriptions of each status.
Loan_Aprfloat16(2)Annual percentage rate for interest charged on the loan. Calculated from the interest defined by the subproduct, the length of the loan, and the origination fee (if applicable).
Loan_Start_Datedate8Date the funds are disbursed and interest, if configured, begins to accrue. Format: YYYYMMDD
Loan_Start_Today_Flagstring5Returns TRUE if the loan started today; otherwise, returns FALSE.
Interest_Ratefloat16(2)Interest rate applied to the loan, as defined by the subproduct.
Per_Diemfloat16(2)Daily interest charged on the loan. This amount will update as installments are paid.
Scheduled_Installment_Amountfloat16(2)Payment due at each installment.
Loan_Terminteger9Total count of installments, as defined by the subproduct.
Original_Loan_Amountfloat16(2)Total loan amount borrowed by the customer.
Principal_Balancefloat16(2)Current principal balance remaining on the loan.
Principal_Paid_To_Datefloat16(2)Principal amount of the loan that is paid off.
Interest_Paid_To_Datefloat16(2)Interest amount of the loan that is paid off.
Fees_Paid_To_Datefloat16(2)The fee amount the customer has paid to date.
Total_Payoff_Amountfloat16(2)Total amount to pay off the remaining loan if the customer paid it off today. Includes the remaining principal amount, interest, and fees.
Maturity_Datedate8The projected date the loan can be paid off by. This is a dynamic value that is based on the customer's actual payment activity. Format: YYYYMMDD
Closed_Datedate8Date that the loan was closed. Value returned if the loan is paid off or charged off. Otherwise, it returns null. Format: YYYYMMDD
Paid_Installmentsinteger2Number of installment payments that the customer has made on the loan.
Remaining_Installmentsinteger2Number of installment payments remaining on the loan.
Non_Accrual_Flagstring5Returns TRUE if interest is not accruing on the loan. Otherwise, returns FALSE.
Delinquency_Datedate8Date when the oldest unpaid installment became past due. Format: YYYYMMDD
Past_Due_Amountfloat16(2)The installment amount that is past due for the loan.
Days_Past_Dueinteger9The number of days that the loan is delinquent. When the loan is charged off, this value resets to 0 because the loan is officially closed.
Loan_Status_Reason_Codestring32The reason provided for charging off the loan, as provided in the API request.
Total_Charge_Off_Amountfloat16(2)The total amount of the loan that was charged off.
Installment_Due_Datedate8Dates when the installments are due. Includes up to 24 columns up to 24 installments. Format: YYYYMMDD