Endpoints for Secured Credit

This table lists actions for creating and managing secured credit products at Galileo, and related Program API endpoints. Guides provide additional information and procedures.



Endpoints listed here are not exclusive to secured credit products. The same endpoints are used across Galileo products.

Create the DDADDA - Demand deposit account. The banking-industry term for an account from which funds can be withdrawn at any time, such as a checking account., charge card account, and secured credit accountCreate Account
Add Account
Creating an Account
Activate the charge cardActivate CardAbout Cards
Activating a Card
Transfer funds from the DDA into the secured credit accountCreate Account TransferCreating an Internal Transfer
Update the credit limit when the secured credit account balance changesSet Credit Limit
Report a default or delinquencySet Account Feature
Change account or card statusModify Account or Card StatusAccount status in About Accounts
Card statuses in About Cards
Get account and card informationGet Account Overview
Get Card
Retrieving account information in About Accounts
Viewing card information in About Cards
View credit historyGet Credit Summary
Get Credit Limit Change History

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