Updating Cardholder Information

While some cardholder information, such as id, is immutable and may not be changed, the following cardholder information may be updated:

  • address
  • email
  • mobile
  • shipping_address

How to update cardholder information

Step 1: OTP

Updating cardholder information presents significant fraud risks. To address these risks, Galileo requires all cardholder updates to be preceded by a one-time password (OTP) to verify that the change is initiated by the customer and not a fraudster.

For example, before the shipping_address may be updated, an OTP must be sent to the cardholder via SMS or email to ensure that the customer is aware of the change.

Galileo does not offer an OTP solution. You must build this solution yourself or use a third party.

Step 2: API request

After you have collected the information to be updated, use the API to update the cardholder. Keep in mind that none of the parameters is required, i.e., you may update a single property and exclude the others. A 204 response means the update was successful.

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