Peer-to-Peer Transfers

Galileo allows you to transfer money between any two Galileo Accounts—instantly and free. A transfer between two Cardholder Accounts is useful for peer-to-peer payments.


Step 1: Obtain the destination_account_id and source_account_id

Obtain the account_id for both accounts involved in the transfer. The account_id may be obtained by sending a GET request to the Accounts endpoint, including the cardholder_id of the cardholder who is sending or receiving money as the path parameter.

Step 2: Create the transfer

Determine which account from Step 1 above is the source account and which is the destination account. Send a POST request to the Transfers endpoint, including the source_account_id, the destination_account_id and the amount.

If the amount is greater than the source account balance, the request will result in an insufficient_funds error.

The response contains a source_transaction_id and a destination_transaction_id that map the transfer to transactions on the respective accounts. Both participating accounts now have transactions with a transfer type and an account_to_account subtype in the transaction history.

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