Welcome to Instant! Instant is Galileo's end-to-end platform that makes it simple to create digital banking and branded card experiences. This documentation includes comprehensive information for building financial products and integrating with Instant.

Galileo Instant® is available to U.S.-based companies only at this time.

The fastest way to get your integration up and running is to use our Quick Start guide, which walks you through the essential integration steps.


  • business: A business entity that has partnered with Galileo; identified by business_id; each business can have many products.
  • product: A set of card and account attributes; for example, card_color and daily_spending_limit are defined in this set of attributes; identified by product_id; a product is required to create a cardholder.
  • cardholder: An individual customer who has been issued a card; identified by cardholder_id; each cardholder has at least one account.
  • account: A bank account where money is stored; identified by account_id.
  • card: A device for transacting at a point-of-sale; identified by card_id.
  • transaction: Any type of account activity that affects your cardholder's balance; identified by transaction_id.
  • access_token: A short-lived token used to access data using the Instant API.

About the Platform

Instant is built on the core Galileo Platform, which processes billions of dollars of payments annually and inherits all scalability, reliability, and security features of the core platform.

Instant Components

All financial products built on Instant are comprised of four components:

  • Dashboard: A web tool for a business to manage its master funds account and card program.
  • Instant API: An interface for integrating with Instant.
  • Card Program: The underlying card program that enables a business to create Instant cards.
  • Digital Banking: Mobile and/or online banking applications that cardholders use to manage their accounts.


Getting a business_id

Before using Instant to create financial products, enroll your business through our Dashboard, and get a business_id.

Master Funds Account

Galileo creates a master funds account for every business that enrolls in Instant. This account can be used to instantly fund cardholder accounts, enabling a wide variety of product use cases. The account_id, balance, account number, routing numbers, and transactions for the master funds account are available in our Dashboard.

Creating a Product

Products are fundamental for creating Instant cardholders. Use our Dashboard to create and manage your products.

Instant API

Creating API keys

Before integrating with the Instant API, you must create an account in our Dashboard and generate an API key. Once you have a key, you can exchange it for an access_token. An access_token is required for all subsequent API requests.

API Hosts

API Protocols

The Instant API uses POST requests to communicate and HTTP response codes to indicate status and errors. All requests must include a Content-Type of application/json and the body must be valid JSON. All responses are in standard JSON.

Card Program

When a cardholder is created, a physical card is shipped to the cardholder. All cards support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Digital Banking

Cardholders need a way to manage their accounts. This includes viewing balances, tracking spending, and accessing monthly statements. Digital banking is how we describe any user interface that provides these functions for cardholders.

Instant Mobile Banking is an out-of-the-box digital banking solution available for businesses. Custom interfaces are also supported but may be subject to approval by Galileo and our bank partner.

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