Getting Transaction History

Most banking products show cardholders their transaction history. Galileo makes it simple to obtain past transactions, so you can display them to your cardholders.

You can get a paginated list of transactions by sending a GET request to the Transactions endpoint.

The list of transactions is sorted first by status, with pending transactions listed before posted transactions, and second by timestamp, in reverse chronological order. We separate the pending and posted transactions because many partners show all pending transactions in a cluster rather than mixed with other transactions.

It is possible to filter transactions by type by passing in a transaction_type argument. This can be useful if you want to show your cardholders a list of all of their fees, for example.

See the About Transactions Guide to learn more about the Transaction Object.



Our system requires a couple of seconds to process Transactions before they will appear in the Transaction History.

Data cleansing

You may wish to do some additional cleansing on the transaction description for card transactions, as the description comes directly from the payment acquirer and may appear messy. For example, a transaction at a Chipotle in Bountiful, Utah, may come through as "CHIPOTLE 0953 WEST BOUNTIFU UT CHIPOTLE 0953, WEST BOUNTIFU, UT."

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