Creating a Cardholder

The first step when on-boarding a new customer is to create a cardholder. When you create a cardholder, Galileo automatically creates a Spending Account associated with the cardholder and prints and mails a card to the customer.

Keep in mind, a cardholder must be 18 years old or older, reside in the U.S. with a valid U.S. address, and have a valid SSN or ITIN.


All banks are required to have a Customer Identification Program (CIP) to ensure they know the identity of each customer. Banks fulfill this requirement by:

  • Obtaining identifying information from the customer
  • Verifying the information

Because your software acts as the front end to the bank, you are required to collect the identifying information from your cardholder. The required parameters in the API request to create a cardholder designate the identifying information you must collect. See About Cardholders for more information about the required parameters.

Galileo works with a third-party identity validation platform to verify the identifying information. The verification happens in real-time, and you will know from the API response whether the verification is successful. If the identification is unsuccessful, the customer is not eligible to enroll.

It is possible to simulate CIP failure in the Sandbox by passing Failcip (case insensitive) as the last name in the API request to create a cardholder.


There are several agreements your customer must agree to before the cardholder may be created.

During the on-boarding process, each applicable agreement must be shown to the cardholder and the cardholder must explicitly agree to each by checking a box that indicates they have read and accept the agreement.

In the API request to create a cardholder, include the agreement_id of each agreement that has been agreed to in the agreements parameter.

For a more detailed explanation about agreements, see the Cardholder Agreements Guide.

Account creation fee

There is a $5 fee to create an account.

Because a Spending Account is created automatically and concurrently when the cardholder is created, you are assessed a $5 fee for each new cardholder. The fee is deducted automatically from your Master Funds Account.

If the balance of your Master Funds Account is less than $5, the API request to create a cardholder results in an 'insufficient_funding_account_funds' error.

If the cardholder fails CIP, the account is created with a failed_cip status and the account creation fee is charged.

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