Card Activation and PIN

After your cardholder's card arrives in the mail, they activate the card by calling Galileo's customer service hotline and providing the requested information to the interactive voice recording (IVR).

The customer service hotline number (1-833-316-6043) is printed on a sticker attached to the card. You also may wish to provide the number and/or additional instruction within your app or website to make sure there's no confusion about what your cardholder should do once the card arrives.


Step 1: Cardholder calls Galileo's customer service hotline

The cardholder dials the number and the IVR answers saying, "Thank you for calling Card Services."

Step 2: Cardholder provides the requested information

The IVR requests your cardholder's 16-digit card number, three-digit security code, last four digits of SSN and four-digit PIN.

The card is now active. To enable spending, transfer money to the cardholder's Account from your Master Funds Account, invite your cardholders to set up direct deposit or have them add an external bank account as an ACH Account and transfer money from that account.

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