About Cards

Each of your cardholders is automatically mailed a personalized debit card to access the funds in their Account. All cards support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

The Card Object

Card ID

The card_id uniquely identifies the card and is used in all API requests regarding a particular card. There is no reason to share this identifier with cardholders.

Creation date

The creation_date is the datetime recorded when the card is created.

Emboss date

The emboss_date is the datetime recorded when the card is embossed.

Masked PAN

The masked_pan is a masked version of the 16-digit card number. The first 12 digits are asterisks, followed by the last four numbers of the PAN.


The status indicates the status of the card and allows processes to be initiated to handle different scenarios, such as a lost or stolen card.

Card lifecycle

Embossment and delivery

After the cardholder has been created successfully, Galileo sends a request to a third-party emboss vendor to print a card. After the personalized card is printed, it is attached to a card carrier, which is white-labeled with your brand and mailed to the cardholder's shipping_address.

Status updates

A card's status will change as it progresses through its lifecycle and experiences various events. For example, a card that is in the mail will have a shipped status, and an expired card will have an expired status. A card's status may be updated via API in response to the card being lost, stolen or damaged, or to freeze or deactivate the card.


A card expires between 45 and 51 months after it is issued. The exact number of months is randomly selected from this range as an anti-fraud measure. Galileo automatically manages the process of sending out a new card as the old card nears expiration. It is important to verify that the cardholder's shipping_address is up to date, especially as the old card nears expiration.

Card design

Each card has either a black or white background with your logo on the front, with the cardholder's name, the card number, the expiry date, and the CVV on the back. You can view your card design in the Dashboard. If you wish to have multiple card designs, you must create a product for each in the Dashboard.

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