About Cardholders

Galileo refers to your customers as Cardholders.

The Cardholder Object (see below) contains personal information about your cardholder. This information may be used for various purposes, as described below.

  • Information such as ssn is used solely to pass the CIP identity verification and isn't available to you after cardholder creation.
  • Information such as the shipping_address is used by Galileo for operational purposes (e.g., mailing cards).
  • Information such as mobile is available to you and may be useful for your purposes.

The Cardholder Object does not contain any financial information such as balance or transactions; this information belongs to an account. When a cardholder is created, an associated Spending Account is created by default. A cardholder does not itself belong to any particular product, but each of its accounts does.

The cardholder object


The address is used to pass the CIP identity verification. It must be in the US and may not be a PO box. It may differ from the shipping address.

  • city: City of residence.
  • state: State of residence.
  • street: Street address, i.e., "Address Line 1".
  • unit: Unit number, i.e., "Address Line 2".
  • zip_code: Five-digit ZIP Code.


The list of each agreement_id that corresponds to each agreement that the cardholder has agreed to.


Used to enable communication between Galileo and the cardholder. For example, statements are delivered via email.

First name

This is the legal first name used for CIP identity verification. The legal first name is used on the card, card carrier envelope, statements, and in email correspondence.


Personal identification information is required for CIP identity verification.

  • date_of_birth: Customer's date of birth.
  • id: Customer's SSN or ITIN.
  • id_type: Denotes whether the id is an SSN or ITIN.


The bank requires income information to understand the cardholder's financial standing:

  • amount: Cardholder's annual income amount (see the Income Amount Enum for options).
  • frequency: The frequency of the cardholder's income payments (see the Income Frequency Enum for options).
  • occupation: The cardholder's primary line of work (see the Occupation Enum for options).
  • source: The cardholder's primary source of income (see the Income Source Enum for options).

Last name

This is the legal last name used for CIP identity verification. The legal last name is used on the card, card carrier envelope, statements, and in email correspondence.


This is the cardholder's mobile phone number. As this phone number may be used for two-factor authentication, it is important that it can receive SMS messages.

Shipping address

This is the address to which the card is shipped. This field is optional. If no shipping_address is added, the card is shipped to the address.

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