Custom Program
Auth API

The Galileo Processing Auth API v2.0 uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication. A shared secret will be used for encoding and decoding the token. The payload will have the following claims:

Payload Claims
Claim Value
iat Issued At
exp Expiration Time
iss Galileo
Transaction Types

The transaction type indicates at a lower level what kind of transaction this is. This field is used to differentiate merchant credits, ATMs, balance inquiries, etc.

Transaction type Description
Preauth A pre-authorization with an estimated amount. A completion advice is expected to follow.
Auth A transaction for purchasing goods.
ATM ATM withdrawal.
Cash Advance Cash Advance from teller.
Balance Inquiry Balance Inquiry from ATM.
Merchant Credit A refund of an amount from a merchant. Does not need to reference a previous transaction.
Adjustment The merchant did not ask for an auth approval. They are submitting an advice to adjust a balance.
Payment The cardholder is loading funds on the card through an association.
Tokenization The cardholder is attempting to tokenize their card for use in a mobile wallet.


Field Types
Type Description
string ASCII string
string(N) ASCII string of length N
timestamp Timestamp in YYYYmmdd:HHMMSS format (MST time zone).
object Composite object of one or more types.
integer Integer with no decimal points.
number Number with decimal points. These are transmitted as strings to avoid any precision loss or rounding issues.
Boolean True or False
currency_code ISO-4217 numeric currency code (three Digits).
list[type] List of values. All of the given type.